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I think the picture is more than 1000 words and in the pictures my transformation thanks to the ketogenic diet.


Once a 4-times Strong Woman and today a dietitian, wife and mother of two beautiful rascals with a passion to help others achieve their transformation. More about me on Wikipedia and YouTube.

Why exactly my offer?

Advantage No. 1

As a former athlete, I have been following diets for over 20 years

Advantage No. 2

Over 10,000 satisfied customers

Advantage No. 3

You get complete recipes with how to make, ingredients and shopping list

Advantage No. 1​

The dishes are quick and easy to prepare

My Services

Choose the plan that's right for you

Individual Keto Diet

The menu is individually tailored to the caloric needs. AVAILABLE SOON: ask for details

Simple Keto Menu for 7 Days (Best Seller)

Choosing a ready-made menu for 7 days depending on your needs and preferences.

Balanced (Reduction) Diet

AVAILABLE SOON: ask for details

Simple Keto Menu for 7 Days Pricing

Menu for 7 days

$ 19
  • 7-day plan based on your caloric needs
  • Simple and Fast Dishes
  • Meals + Recipes
  • Complete shopping list
  • The plan can be repeated many times

What you get

Varied, filling and healthy meals

The menu is arranged so that you lose weight and not feel hungry, and the meals are varied enough not to feel monotony.

Simple and Fast Dishes

The dishes are quick to prepare, so you will not spend half a day in the kitchen.

Complete Shopping List

Your menu has a shopping list for the entire duration of the diet. This saves you valuable time and you know exactly what and how much you need to buy.

How does it work?

Choose Your Caloric Requirement

Choose a Payment Method

Make Payment and Download Menu

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it’s a one-time fee at no extra cost

After selecting the caloric demand and making the payment, you can download your plan

The following offer will be suitable for you: the individual keto diet

No, everything will already be properly optimized for you.

Choose a caloric value up to 100 kcal below your total metabolic rate (TEE) using any calorie calculator.

Of course, you get the menu with a complete explanation, ingredient list, preparation method, macro breakdown and a complete shopping list.

Sometimes after a week, usually two.