About Me

Who is Aneta Florczyk?

Aneta Florczyk (Kielak) is a wife, mother, sportswoman and dietitian.

Despite numerous sporting successes (read more on Wikipedia), her passion is spending time with her family.

On a daily basis, Aneta deals with raising children, she also loves to cook, train and help others achieve their health goals, which is supported by her extensive sports experience.

Among the most unique achievements of Aneta are exceeding the 500 kg barrier in powerlifting, winning the title of the world champion in strong woman four times and the Guinness record in rolling frying pans.

Aneta’s rapid transformation after pregnancy contributed to the idea of ​​helping others who are looking for a way to quickly achieve their dream weight. According to Aneta, training and diet do not have to be heavy and demanding, they do not have to rely on running, jumping, meditation, yoga, etc.

Nowadays, we complicate everything by trying too many training plans and diets, and we forget about the simplest methods that always work and will always work.

Aneta wants to rebuild the image of easy and effective dieting methods and help as many people as possible achieve their goal in the shortest and easiest way possible.

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